The School


Some of the teachers and influences below I have spent years, to decades with. Some, I can only catch when they are traveling near my city, others were simply extensive workshops or weeks at a time, and a few I am currently training with. Some arts are belt "ranked", while others are not. Regardless, the teachers and schools listed below are by far the most skilled and important teachers to note in regards to our presentation:

Zheng Man Qing | Benjamin Lo | Scott Meredith - Taiji, Xing Yi, Bagua

Zheng Man Qing |William CC Chen - Taiji

Fu Zhong Wen | Gordon Feng - Taiji

CSA (Combat Sports Academy) - Muay Thai, MMA, Jiu Jitsu

I Chang Ming | Gary Mullins - 5th Black Belt attainment

ISKA - Tae Kwon Do, 1st Black Belt attainment

Ralph Gracie - Jiu Jitsu, (current white belt)

East/West - Wing Chun

Gurdev Nidar Nihang Singh - Shastarvidiya

NorCal Systema (Alameda) - Russian Systema

Jeana Iwalani Naluai - 250+ c.e hours, Hawaiian healing, culture & lomi lomi bodywork (current)

Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu - Hawaiian hula & chant

Kumu Mike Lee - Hawaiian sea medicinals, culture, and cosmology




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