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108 was started in 2010, by Brent Kekoa Ramos. What started as a fledgling park group in rainy Sutro Heights Park, ultimately grew into a full-time, professional martial arts school in Chinatown San Francisco. The school itself was located within the local Kwang Kung Temple, at 687 Commercial St. Operating there for about 6 years of the near-decade run of operation. The school became increasingly popular due to a wildly unique culture with a punk rock aesthetic, presentation, and vocal stance on tradition vs. evolution and agnostic approaches to style. Despite success and sold-out status for the last two years of operation; eventually San Francisco space constraints, and personal evolution of what 108 could become prompted a closure of the San Francisco school; Brent and family decided to move in order to  continue the spark, into what will be come the next evolution -- Koa House.

Koa House: Koa House has just opened in 2020. We are located in Denver, Colorado and are teaching the full 108 curriculum as presented in the final years of this location! Koa House is an expansion physically by about 3x from our Chinatown roots, with professional equipment, (2) mat areas, and offers a full massage & spa component under the same roof & program for a unified path -- effectively creating the worlds first martial spa. What was taught here, has broken into individual classes now that space is available. In the area, or interested? Come train with us - checkout our site at:


Some of the teachers and influences Brent has spent years, to decades with. Some, only caught when they are traveling near a close city, others were simply extensive workshops or weeks at a time, and a few I am currently training with as a lifetime pursuit. Some arts are belt "ranked", while others are not. Regardless, the teachers and schools listed below are by far the most skilled and important teachers to note in regards to our presentation:

Zheng Man Qing | Benjamin Lo | Scott Meredith - Taiji, Xing Yi, Bagua

Zheng Man Qing |William CC Chen - Taiji

Fu Zhong Wen | Gordon Feng - Taiji

CSA (Combat Sports Academy) - Muay Thai, MMA, Jiu Jitsu

I Chang Ming | Gary Mullins - 5th Black Belt attainment

ISKA - Tae Kwon Do, 1st Black Belt attainment

Ralph Gracie - Jiu Jitsu, (current white belt)

East/West (San Francisco) - Wing Chun

Gurdev Nidar Nihang Singh - Shastarvidiya

NorCal Systema (Alameda Naval Base) - Russian Systema

Jeana Iwalani Naluai -  Hawaiian healing, culture & lomi lomi bodywork (current)

Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu - Hawaiian hula & chant

Kumu Mike Lee - Hawaiian sea medicinals, culture, and cosmology

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