Winning the castles is the secondary way.
Winning through domination is the worst way.

To win one hundred fights is not the highest skill.
To subdue without fighting is the highest skill.

108 is a traditional kung fu based system born from a healers heart, evolved with training methods in Muay Thai, MMA, and Dutch Kickboxing. The result is a traditionally honored system, evolved with effectiveness against  modern relevancy. We train various Shaolin based external & internal arts, conditioning methods, medicines, and internal methods with a focus on Zheng Man Qing Tai Chi & Hebei Xing Yi Quan. Our Muay Thai methods are influenced from the CSA system and training.

For a list of all internal & external arts, or foundational curriculum that was taught, please see our book on Amazon. For training methodology, drills, and actualization of all this material - please train with us in person!

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