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108 is a great place to really learn martial arts, and the way of the warrior. From a warm up work out to conflict resolution and healthy eating, without forgetting about sparring and traditional forms, Sifu Brent delivers every class: no B.S. training, in a friendly environment.
I wish I could train with the 108 community more often ūüôā

-San Francisco, 2017 - Student
I've practiced martial arts for many years, and always wanted to start Tai Chi & Kung Fu. 108 teaches both, and the instructors make each class a good workout and fun. I've visited many schools and can tell you that the Instructors and not the style are what really matters. If you want to get in shape and learn Kung Fu try the 108. Classes are small and personal. Each student gets personal attention, and everyone checks their ego at the door.
-San Francsisco, 2015 - Student
108 Heroes is a very special place. I had never done Kung Fu before, but as soon as I met Sifu Brent, I knew this was the right school to join. His natural warm positivity sets the tone for his entire community of students, so right away I felt supported and not intimidated. We have lots of fun during training sessions, but that doesn't mean people aren't taking the training seriously. Make no mistake, Sifu Brent has committed his entire life to the pursuit of this beautiful martial art, and he is dedicated to helping students train hard so that we can realize the physical, mental, and spiritual strength it can provide. I'm so thrilled to have found 108 Heroes - training there has added so much to my life - a huge thank you to Sifu Brent, and all the students in his community!
-San Francsisco, 2015 - Student
My decision to attend this school was one of the best I've ever made. The combination of external and internal arts this place offers can transform not only your body but also your mind. The school is run in a safe and fun way and the environment very laid-back and supportive. Sifu Brent and his assistant instructors are serious about their craft and believe in quality. I appreciate the individualized attention they give to each student. They really take the time to help you perfect your forms and techniques, imparting knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement.
-San Francsisco, 2013 - Student
I have been studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi at the 108 Heroes Kung Fu school for a little over two years now and becoming a student of Sifu Brent Ramos is one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a student, you will definitely learn martial arts - and sweat quite a lot and maybe bleed a little - but you also will be a member of one of the best groups of people I have been proud to know. The level of skill and knowledge available to all serious students at this school is inspiring as is seeing everyone from black belts down to white working hard at an art they love. As an added bonus, it is simply just great fun!
-San Francsisco, 2014- Student

Love this place. I was looking for place to release stress, exercise, learn to defend myself and also grow internaly. I'm proud of my choice. It gets serious as much as you want it to be serious, with all the attention from everyone, so I had real fun and challenge.

-San Francsisco, 2015 - Student

I was looking to learn some techniques of defense and discovered a wonderful art, with excellent classes of different techniques, explaining and correcting me. It is something deep, that changed my mind and perseption.

-San Francsisco, 2013 - Student

This will always be "my school", even if I am not physically in the area. Because I moved around a lot, I have studied several martial arts in several parts of the world: Karate (2 schools), Tae Kwon Do (1 school), Shaolin (1 other school in San Jose), Tai Chi (in 3 different schools), Choy Li Fut (White Dragon / San Diego). 108 Heroes is by far my favorite school. The material is traditional Shaolin Kung Fu with as much depth as you can handle, taught by instructors who understand the material at a level I've never experienced before, at any school, from any instructor, ever. Sifu Brent is awesome. Extremely skilled, very humble, and spends lots of quality time with all his students. I can't imagine someone not liking him. And once you work with him, it's impossible to imagine any student not respecting him deeply. Speaking of the students, every student in the school is kind, authentic, likable, and not aggressive. I've never experienced that before... there's always "that guy" who ruins it for one reason or another. Not the case at 108. All the black belts reflect very well on Sifu Brent, each bringing their unique style to the table. Everyone is extremely helpful. You never feel like you have to work on material alone here. I even take my mom here sometimes to practice Kung Fu and Tai Chi, for health benefits. It takes a lot of trust to do something like that. She also appreciates the even gender balance of the school. Full stars, full endorsement.

-San Francsisco, 2014 - Student

This is an amazing place to learn kungfu. The classes are challenging and fun; I learned new things every month. Sifu Brent is very attentive and can explain clearly the theory and application of each move or technique. There are also many assistant instructors for personal attention, and they're willing to correct your forms and techniques.

-San Francsisco, 2014 - Student

I like the intimate atmosphere this place offers. The community is superb, everyone is friendly and supportive of each other.

-San Francsisco, 2013- Student

108Heroes is a great place to learn martial arts. I've been going for more than 3 years now and I love the people and instruction. Sifu Brent is energetic, highly skilled, and cares about his students' progress. I went from knowing nothing about martial arts and having never tried it before to practicing my front snap kicks, animal forms, and tai chi postures every day! It's a great workout for the body, but I also appreciate that the material gives your mind something more interesting to engage in rather than monotonous drills on weight machines. Highly recommended to anyone whether you're looking for a good workout, tai chi forms for relaxation, or just something new to spice up your routine.

-San Francsisco, 2012 - Student
I am so glad to have found this school. I like that it emphasizes personal growth over training for a competition (aka something I don't care about.) The environment is very nurturing, and Sifu Brent is a great mentor. I feel like training here has helped me not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. I also love the variety of the material through the seminars--it feels more well-rounded than just going through the material for your belt. Classes on the weekdays start off with tai chi, and then usually go into some conditioning and then forms. The weekends are a little more free-for-all, ending with some tai chi.  I highly recommend this school! Everyone is very welcoming, especially to those wanting to learn about the martial art. Great place for adults.
-San Francsisco, 2015- Student
The best thing about 108 Heroes is how they take all of this martial arts material developed over centuries and convey it to students in a super interesting way.  Oh yeah, and we learn to use weapons that look like they're straight out of World of Warcraft.  The classes are all community-based, and there are numerous individual (20 minutes+) segments, where we learn and re-learn the fundamentals of various systems of "internal" training and "external" training.  You're always working with different partners, some who are far better and more experienced than you, and some who are brand new and just learning.  The community is structured to welcome in new people, really.  Everyone works together, and everyone is very welcoming.  Plus, the first two weeks are free, so you can come work out and decide whether to keep going.
-San Francsisco, 2014- Student
The atmosphere here is really open and inviting. The workouts are great and the self-defense aspects are effective and well explained. Joining this school has been a great experience - I would recommend it to anyone in search of martial arts skills, health, mentorship and encouraging teachers and classmates.
-San Francsisco, 2013- Student


Lower Belt (Adult Fundamentals & Beginner Kung-Fu)
Loved taking this class! Class sizes are small and I was the only newbie, but everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The instructor, Brent, was attentive to my needs as a newcomer but also provided a lot of individual instruction for others taking the class. We spent 1/3 of class doing drills (pushups/sit ups/planks, etc.), 1/3 of class actually kicking and punching the bag, and 1/3 of class focusing on form and steps. Definitely a workout that left me sweaty, sore, and feeling accomplished.

Lower Belt (Adult Fundamentals & Beginner Kung-Fu)
First class here and oh boy, what a workout! Will be back to work on core, balance and stamina! Instructors were clear with instructions and everyone there was encouraging. Love the vibes there.

Tai Chi/Chi Kung (All levels)
The instrucotr was really nice, and everyone was so welcoming. Definetley going back.

Lower Belt (Adult Fundamentals & Beginner Kung-Fu)
It was great! I will be back after this week!

Lower Belt (Adult Fundamentals & Beginner Kung-Fu)
The class and Hugh and I went over the 10 basic sparring techniques as created by sensei Brant.

Tai Chi/Chi Kung (All levels)
We started off the class pairing up with a partner and doing a relaxation and reanimation exercise (learning to relax with your workout partner). I got the opportunity to train with Hugh and a number of other of sensei Brant's students. We also did some warmup exercises as well. Qigong ftw. MikeKuang108

Tai Chi/Chi Kung (All levels)
So happy I finally had a chance to truly explore martial arts. Brent is a great teacher and I look forward to reconnecting with him

Tai Chi/Chi Kung (All levels)
I took the kung fu class instead and I had a great class! The sifu and other students were very welcoming. I was given an excellent introduction to the studio/dojo that was informative and insightful. In terms of the class, I got a chance to practice power and speed roundhouse kicks, reverse punches, a few basic combinations. All in all a wonderful studio/dojo that provided a yogi a great introduction to kung fu. Will definitely come back!


Nice write up on us from a local SF news blog 2016:


The 108 Manual/Book is now available! You can pick up a copy at the school, or through HERE. Written by Brent Ramos, cover art by Jesse Michaels, back cover art by Tavo Montanez, contributions from Scott Meredith, and edited by Barbara Jwanouskos.


New painting for 108, by the extremely inspiring and influential artist, Jesse Michaels. It is an honor to have, and is now being displayed in the school. Check it out! 

108 Painting

108 + Class Pass (formerly Fitmob). Class Pass member? We are now a partner, come check out a class!


108 Heroes turns 5 YEARS OLD! Come celebrate with us Saturday, August 2nd!

The story and conception of 108 Heroes Kung Fu school is quite a story, which is why we are honored to see the story staged and produced as a full theatre production! 

Imaginary Opponent (3)

108 Heroes Kung Fu partners with Zynga Perks! Zynga team, start training and redeem your discounts! 


108 Heroes and American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) San Francisco, join up to present "FOR THE LOVE OF QI"! FREE acupuncture, with martial arts healing focus at 108 school.  Open to the public! Click image for information on acupuncture and other classes. 


Sifu Brent to present with other Masters at the Maui Qi Fest with Pushing For Peace! *UPDATE* Sifu Brent will NOT be attending, but please support this seminar and the martial artists in attendance! 

1 week of Taiji, Yoga, Push Hands, Meditation, Xing I on the coast of Maui! Individual classes available, or the entire week with housing and food included at one LOW price! Other presenters include Master Marilyn Cooper, Master Zhao Guohong, Master Jose Figueroa and Jonath Padilla and MORE! Sifu Brent will be teaching the Xing I 5 elements, to be focused on straight combatives, street defense and sparring.


Sifu Brent and 108Heroes, host a very exclusive seminar with internationally recognized Taiji and Systema author, Taiji instructor and long time Ben Lo student; Scott Meredith!


Sifu Brent was recently published and spoke on his article in 'Rad Dad', a magazine for parenting and fatherhood.  Pick up the latest issue with Sifu Brent at City Lights in North Beach, or through distributors.  Check out the previous 'Rad Dad' book HERE on Amazon! We will also be in Oakland on Fathers Day with a Kung Fu demo and lesson at 'Papa-Palooza'!

raddad raddad2 copy


108's, "KUNG FU HUSTLE" featured in SF TRAVEL.COM! Read HERE! 



108 and GOOGLE SF team up for Tiger Kung Fu Seminar! 

0_tigerfu (1).pdf

photo (4)



Google SF kicks it into high gear by learning Kung Fu!
Google SF is kicking it into high-gear by learning Tiger Kung Fu this Valentines Day! Google has invited the 108Heroes, from China Town to bring a traditional form of fitness, meditation and kung fu for Googlers to enjoy.

The kung fu training will provide Googlers with fine-tuned mental clarity, fitness, breathing and martial intent to spark playful creativity and focus.

108 is headed by Sifu Brent Ramos; and is the first and only martial arts school to bring kung fu to Google.  Brent hopes to continue partnerships with San Francisco businesses and introduce kung fu to new audiences.








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