108 is based out of Chinatown, San Francisco and has taught authentic and effective Kung Fu and Tai Chi for the past 7 years. We focus on essential  basic's including fight techniques similar to sanda/muaythai  with heavy conditioning, form training, bag-work, and sparring that lead into traditional forms serving as catalogs for hundreds of techniques that you can train and validate. Past this, we train traditional weapons, ancient conditioning methods, and more. We also offer courses in healing, conflict resolution, meditation, leadership, and plant based medicines. We specialize in mastering true Kung Fu. Students can expect to train in the external and internal styles, within a fun and dynamic environment. We are results based, and aspire to ensure you reach your personal goals. Most of all, we are a space-holder for people looking for a healthy, active, fun, caring, and smart community of martial artists.

We are one of few Kung Fu and Tai Chi schools in the San Francisco area focused exclusively to ADULT only training.We also have a strong emphasis on increasing women's participation within the traditional arts. Whether becoming a fighter, becoming the most healthy and resilient you can be, or having the focus and tools to master all aspects of your life; 108 will provide your path. 

It was a pleasure to visit the school where so many good things occur.  Good vibes! -- Dan Millman. Author, Speaker, Martial Artist.

LOOK FOR THE TEMPLE WITHIN THE PICTURE ABOVE! We share the same building as the auspicious Kwang Kung Temple. Ongoing classes are held unless special classes or notices are posted.  The door will be open during business hours, walk up the temple stairs during business hours and check us out.

Our address is 687 Commercial St, Unit #2, San Francisco, CA 94111

If you're driving, you can park at the nearby meters (free after 6:00pm) or in the Portsmouth parking garage across the street (24-hour access). If you're taking BART, the closest location is the Montgomery stop which will be a 4 block walk.